Use this form to submit your entry to the 2015 Nipigon Blueberry Blast Talented Tots competition

You may also print out this form and bring it to the Blast before 1:30pm August 1, 2015. [Click here]

Date: Aug.1, 2015 Nipigon Marina 2:00 pm


Open to performance acts of all kinds that are family friendly. Judges will rank acts in several categories on a total scale of 40 points. Entrants are required to wear one or more articles of blue clothing. Performance time limit is 5 minutes. Entries must be submitted prior to 1:30pm August 1st, 2015.


Age Category: 12 and under

Prizes: 1st: $25.00 2nd: $20.00 3rd: $15.00


Judging is based on the following criteria (40 point maximum):


Overall Performance (1-10):
Overall Performance is the performer's ability to present material that draws a positive response from the audience with personality, originality and poise. 


Technical Ability (1-10):
Technical Ability includes voice quality, pitch, projection, dance ability and skill, the use of instruments or props. A high rank will show that the act is well practised and rehearsed.


Stage Appearance and Personality (1-10):
A performer that receives a high rating in Stage Appearance and Personality is in character. They exude confidence, personality and put heart and character into their performance.


Creativity/Originality (1-10):
Creativity/Originality is creating a piece of work that is distinctive or different from the other performers. It takes creativity, ingenuity, confidence and personality to present an original piece.


* Entry fee: 12 and under free, must be accompanied by an adult.